Final Post – Artist in the Archive Project

Here’s a wonderful example of creativity being sparked by Glasgow University Library’s special collections!

(Although my own workplace is a comparatively small library, without the rich and ancient collections of an old university, I like to think our stock inspires music, acting, some other performance like ballet or improvisation, maybe even creative writing …)

University of Glasgow Library

Edited SVL2222C-114120208222Edited SVL2222C-114120208211Edited SVL2222C-114120208180Hello again. This will be my final blog post for the Artist in the Archive project. It has been an incredible journey being in the archive. It made me realise that every single piece of paper or object connects to those who lived in Glasgow. Whether they were passing through or stayed the rest of their days it’s all part of the history here.  The history in Glasgow is really astounding if we could just breathe and take in all that surrounds us.

The time spent in the archive being educated about Glasgow through making art has given me joy on a multifaceted level. For example reading a letter about the University’s construction may not seem pivotal but without those pieces of communication nothing may have been built. We may not be able to stand in the beautiful courtyard of the Gilmorehill building and have such a breathtaking campus. I think quite…

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