Why I’ve abandoned Witty Article Titles

Back in 2015, I published an article about paratext.  About teaching music students the importance of paratext, to be accurate.  But my title was too flippant – evidently “double entendre” belongs between friends, but not in a contents page!  It didn’t attract as much attention as it deserved, possibly for that reason.

Nonetheless, I still think it was a good article.  Pity I can’t retrospectively change that title, though!

Hosting a library visit, 23 August

If you’re a librarian in CILIP’s ARLGS (Academic and Research Libraries Group Scotland), then do come and see us at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Whittaker Library on 23 August.  Visit us, then go on to see the Piping Centre library just over the road on Cowcaddens.  Booking details here:-