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But Will the Fish Bite?!

Electronic Resources?  Online databases?  Online info?

We’re trying to encourage our students to make more use of our electronic resources.  By that I mean, of course, the databases, electronic journals and books and music streaming services that we subscribe to on their behalf.  We’re doing MailChimp emails, blogging, tweeting, leafleting … really, we are putting a lot of effort into this!  I have this suspicion that the very term “electronic resources” is a turn-off.  So what do you think?  Online resources?  Online databases?  Or simply, “Online info”?  What would the average 18 year old call it?

Today, with two different year-groups scheduled to hand in assignments next week, we expected the library to be humming. It wasn’t significantly busier though – maybe they were all skulking at home, panicking quietly and in privacy?  Here’s Whittaker Live, the performing arts blog that I’ve authored for something like 14 years now.  Spot the posting intended to entice more use of our online offering:- So, will the fish bite over the weekend, I wonder?