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Conference: Talking Technical

Last week, it was our Learning and Teaching Conference – and this year, the focus was on technology.  I was suitably impressed by demonstrations of gaming – and the employment opportunities the industry could offer our students.  There were two demonstrations of audio-visual projects in Gaelic.  I attended an Adobe Connect demonstration, and then later on donned my headset to participate in an online conferencing session with a colleague in …. oh, okay, it was another part of the building! – but the whole purpose was to demonstrate how  the technology could be used in the context of distance learning.  And we talked, in other sessions, about how technology could be used to enhance our teaching.  The department in which I spend most of my time (Information Services) gave updates on our electronic resources and a Moodle enhancement – whilst the head of the other department that shares me (Research and Knowledge Exchange) gave updates on opportunities open to all colleagues.  Forgive me, these are just edited highlights – I won’t attempt to summarise the entire three days!

So there we were, all up-to-date and raring to go.  I felt quite pleased that I seem to be reasonably au-fait with the technology as it affects my various roles,  Not complacent, but certainly not panicking.

Now, what about that Biteable video I was going to make …. ?

Podcast Your Research?

Flushed with anticipated success, I blogged for the library about disseminating your research via social media.  I’ll reproduce it here (after all, they’re my words!)  This afternoon, I’m meeting up with our learning technologist for a personal tutorial in devising podcasts and related formats, so I’ll probably have more to add to this later!  I have two reasons for needing to know – disseminating my own research, and sharing “how-to” videos etc for people using our library resources.

We’ve just found a great blog post on the LSE Impact Blog, about the benefits of disseminating your research using social media – and, specifically, by using podcasts.

Podcasting is like broadcasting, over the internet.  It tends to mean an audio recording, and means your research can potentially reach a much wider audience.  Have a look at this!

There’s a book, Communicating Your Research By Social Media, which looks really interesting, but we’ll get that later on this year.  For now, read the LSE Impact Blog and see if it sets you thinking!

  • What could you podcast about?
  • Or would you use a blog (with or without video)?
  • Or a powerpoint (ditto)
  • Or a powerpoint with voiceover?
  • What technical expertise would you need?
  • Would it be worth learning these skills?  (Rhetorical question!)