Workshops and Updates

CFSH Workshop poster

My working week is nothing if not varied!  I organised and chaired a research workshop for the Claimed From Stationers’ Hall network yesterday – a great day was had by all! More about the workshop will appear on the CFSH blog in due course.

Today, someone mentioned that the library portal Education page was a bit light on content. Well, this very Teaching Artist website has an extensive bibliography, so I’ve selectively copied some items across.  It afforded the opportunity to update a few weblinks whilst I was at it …

Last Friday, I drew upon lessons learned from my PGCert project, when I talked about helping distance learners get to grips with online resources and referencing software, at the SLIC event, Libraries, Literacies & Learning  (23rd March 2018).  You can see everyone’s powerpoint slides here:-

Archived Storify about Shared Thinking

Because Storify is discontinuing in May 2018, I have archived this thread, that I collated a couple of years ago.  Not as attractive as it was with images in Storify, but at least the story is still preserved!

Shared Thinking: Student Induction Event (mainly as reported by Sue House)

I am myself thinking about student engagement in library-led seminars and tutorials – it’s the focus of my PGCert project. So when I read librarian Sue House’s tweets from a Shared Thinking event at York on Tuesday 5th July, I sat up and looked, because she cites lots of useful info & references.

I hope this doesn’t look like stalking! But Sue posted so much interesting, relevant and useful detail, and I knew I’d lose it all unless the tweets were captured and kept safe. So, for future reference, here are some tweets – beginning and ending with Shared Thinking. Interestingly enough (to me), it appears Shared Thinking originated in Glasgow – where I got my PhD. Clearly, I need to investigate!

Meanwhile, here is my first attempt at taking notes on someone else’s attendance at a conference that I wish I had known about! Online notes – how very “now”! (Incidentally, I have looked up most of Sue’s references so they can be followed up later. That’s my “added value” to this Storify.) Continue reading Archived Storify about Shared Thinking