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Something came up on my Twitter feed this evening – it looked interesting, so I’ll share it here, and read it when I’ve got a spare minute later on this week.  It’s about e-portfolios, and it’s from our friends at Jisc.  (They’re the team who ran Copac before upgrading it to Jisc Library Discover, earlier this summer.)

How to enhance student learning, progression and employability with e-portfolios

Case studies and guidance on e-portfolios for UK further and higher education (July 2019)

I believe I may have mentioned that one of our sons suggested I should follow his example and turn my CV into an Issuu e-publication – well, I did do that, but I wonder if we’ll be revising our efforts after I’ve looked at this!

Coffee and Collaboration

Readers of this blog will recall that I spoke about training students in effective electronic resource research at the ARLGS (Academic and Research Libraries Group, Scotland) teach-meet a couple of weeks ago.   In a timely confluence of meetings and publications, my article on the same topic has just been published in my professional association’s journal: ‘Coffee and Collaboration’ appears in the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Information Professional, published by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.  I’m a chartered Fellow of CILIP, but I don’t think I’ve ever had more than a single-column news announcement in this journal before, so I’m quite pleased to have achieved this in my final decade before retirement!

Coincidentally, yesterday afternoon saw me arranging the second iteration of this information literacy training for early next year.  And so the wheel comes full circle ….!

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Writing, writing …

temporal-distance-917364_640I’m playing the waiting game – I have had a veritable splurge of writing, and now I have to wait to see if anything is accepted.  I sandwiched two Georgian-era musicology pieces with a couple of pedagogical ones about teaching online research skills – this is what happens when a music librarian does a musicology PhD then a postgraduate certificate in higher arts education!

  • Earlier this Spring, I collaborated on an article about women and music in the Napoleonic era.  We’re waiting to hear …
  • More recently, I wrote up and submitted my PGCert project as a rather long article.  Again, I’m waiting for feedback.
  • I immediately followed that up with a shorter, more informal article about a recent teaching session I organised for our B.Ed students.  To date, this latter one has been accepted, so it should appear later this year.
  • And lastly, I wrote and submitted a book review over the weekend.

More news in due course ….