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Transformations in Scottish Song

Last November, I took sick-leave after surgery, which meant that I was unable to give a couple of lectures in person.  One, sadly, just had to get cancelled.  (It was for an external organisation – I was very disappointed!)

However, I did manage to pre-record the lecture I was scheduled to give for the Traditional Music department and other students selecting a particular option.  I prepared and practised diligently, had it recorded by our expert recording engineer, and shared it with the colleague who would be disseminating it.  So far, so good.  Later on, I shared the link on the library portal, and patted myself on the back for efficiency.

It appears that, despite my best efforts, the link wasn’t accessible to everyone.  I tried again the other day, with the kind and patient assistance of an IT technician.  Everything seemed good.  Fine, I thought.  THIS time I’ve got it right.

I looked today, and the link wasn’t there at all.  In a last desperate attempt, I double-checked all access permissions and asked my niece to see if the video was visible.  Not the portal this time, just the link to the video.

It wasn’t.  I’m not spending more time fiddling with it, but I still think that if an academic head of department thought it worth sharing with his students, then there’s no harm in putting it where more people might be able to enjoy it.  Suffice to say, I have migrated it to YouTube, where it sits looking perfectly normal and accessible.  I can only share the link here, but allow me to present ….