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November is Academic Writing Month 2014

I call this fortuitous – I have so many writing commitments for November that I’ve almost scared myself!

Academic Writing Month 2014

I have a newsletter article to write (actually, before the end of October); an article for a librarianship magazine; three encyclopedia articles; two book reviews (I’ve made notes for one, but it still has to be written according to the prescribed format), and another seriously heavy article I’ve promised for January 2015.  At least Christmas will be out of the way by then!  I think I probably should sign up to Academic Writing Month, just to see if I can achieve this mountain of writing on top of everything else I do!

However, after a fortnight entailing two days in London, two in Newcastle, another single day in Newcastle today, a medical appointment and sundry other commitments, I’m somewhat tired.  I’m signing up to nothing until tomorrow, once I’ve had my extra hour’s sleep!

Falling over my feet to keep up!

Mary reminds us that we need to upload our context setting studies by Friday.  Because I’ve been to a conference, done a Palm Sunday choral extravaganza, had an awful migraine, been to visit a librarianship mentee, and done a couple of days’ work, I now have just 49.5 hours left in which to write my context setting study.  Gulp.  I really take my hat off to people doing part-time or distance learning courses with a cohort of other students.  Keeping up can be quite a challenge.  Compare this with doing a PhD, when the pressure of doctoral studies might be intense, but there’s no worry about keeping pace with your peers.

I had a great Skype chat with Andrew this evening, and we did touch upon some aspects of my work that I can include in the study.  However, I can’t do that until Friday – it’s too late tonight, and tomorrow it’s choir practice…