Unaccustomed As I Am (Spoken Presentations, yes – PechaKucha, hardly!)

Looking ahead, I have three speaking engagements in four weeks this Autumn – and that’s before we do any library user education!  Two are in Edinburgh, and one to our research community at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  All are about some aspect of my research.

Practice makes [Presentation] Perfect

However, whilst I am accustomed to speaking about libraries, bibliographies, electronic resources, Scottish music, and even early career academia, I’m not accustomed to recording myself talking about making quilts for Nepal!  I made a quilt for the relief work effort a couple of weeks ago, and handed it to one of the organisers.  Then I did a bit of social media promotion for them, and next thing I knew, PechaKucha asked me to record a presentation. A welcome opportunity, but also an interesting challenge, because most of the slides entailed my sewing an example and then taking a photo of it before I could add it to to the presentation!  Writing a script for a presentation in which each slide would get EXACTLY 20 seconds of narrative, and then recording all 6’40” of it, word perfect, was another challenge.  As for getting the (massive, high quality) audio file to the PechaKucha technician in Tokyo … well, thank heavens for Dropbox!  I was so relieved when it was all done and dusted.  You can watch it here:- http://www.pechakucha.org/channels/inspirenepal/presentations/quilts-for-nepal