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Intervention scripted

Slow progress, but I’ve now written the script for the first of my ‘Interventions’.  However, I can’t record it unless the other occupants of my household are safely occupied elsewhere in the house, and unlikely to disturb the recording!

I have absolutely no idea how long it’ll take!  Hopefully, somewhere between 5-10 minutes.


An Intervention

I’ve designed the first of two ‘interventions’ for my PGCert project. This one is a powerpoint, which will have a recorded voiceover.  The 18 slides will change at a brisk pace – it’s a basic introduction to referencing/citation, and I don’t want the students to be bogged down by too much detail. The intention is that it will introduce why academic rigour requires referencing/citation, and ways to make it easier for ourselves using bibliographic software.  A full introduction to each product is obviously not feasible here, but it should act as a taster.

I haven’t written or recorded the voiceover yet.  That’s very definitely for another day! The words are in my head, but I’ve spent so many hours getting this far that I cannot do any more just now.