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#AcWriMo and Me

As I’ve already mentioned, this is Academic Writing Month.  People have been adding their word-counts to a wiki, and tweeting using the #AcWriMo hashtag.  I fully intended to do the same, but I haven’t been very good at keeping up!

Whenever I look, it’s mostly women tweeting.  Why?  Is it that men don’t suffer as much writing angst?  Or is it that we women STILL, in the 21st century, feel we have to prioritise the mundane tasks that make domestic life more comfortable?  I nag my lot of males (assorted ages) to bring laundry downstairs, iron it, take clean laundry upstairs … put things away.  I nag until I sound a proper little shrew, but do they care?  No, they don’t – but I do.  Does anyone else notice that towels are damp, bathmats are squelchy, loo-mats are … (too much information).  That mud has been trodden in the hall carpet, or piles of stuff have been dumped (name your space) and left there for days on end?

So I end up doing more than my fair share, despite my profound sense that it’s deeply unfair.  I’m the breadwinner.  Someone once said, what every working woman needs is a wife.  I don’t really want a wife, but I know what they meant!  And that, my friends, is why I haven’t been good at keeping upwith #AcWriMo.  Today I fully intended to get on with my encyclopedia articles, but laundry had to be done, windows cleaned, soup made, a main meal cooked … a couple of minor sewing repairs done …

Ask me again later.  A couple of hours later.  And I’ll do my level best to have read a bit of the vital text that I bought at Waterstones the other day!