Lovely architecture student demonstrates sketching in DublinEvidence of student engagement – my Research and Bibliographic Skills seminar invitation was sent out yesterday (5 May 2014).  And today I received a tweet with a suggestion of a digital resource that I should consider including in the seminar.  I’m delighted!  Scrivener is a writing tool, originally for Mac users, but now available for Windows users as well.  I took a quick look at the introductory video on their website today, and although initially sceptical, I grew more interested as more features were described!



Peer-review from the course leader: “Many thanks for a lively and helpful session last night, I am interested to view the feedback
with you…”

Feedback form 001I was keen to get feedback from the students themselves, and decided that a simple 3-question survey would give the best chance of everyone completing it on the spot.

I liked:-

  • overall structure very clear;
  • hearing what my colleagues use to create their biblios and find articles;
  • lots of experiences about bibliography software.  I haven’t used any before, but it sounds very convenient and easy to produce the thesis later;
  • hearing about Zotero and Mendeley;
  • the useful information about software of bibliography;
  • diversity of resources.

I disliked:-

  • The timing – prefer stretch over 2 or 3 hours;
  • the session felt slightly rushed, but I would rather see a longer session than less content;
  • —–
  • that it was so short;
  • —–
  • too brief focus on each element!

I’d like more of:-

  • Bibliographical information (Zotero, etc);
  • … this session! It was hugely helpful;
  • practical sessions or more longer session for experiencing softwares together;
  • Zotero/Mendeley training;
  • details of bibliography (the way of how to use it).


I also decided to seek some feedback from my presentations at the IAML Annual Study Weekend in Cambridge. One delegated quoted from the report she’d written for her line-manager:-

1. Academic Libraries Seminar – Presentation was clear, lively, funny, interesting.
2. Quick fire: effective use of social media – Lots of very practical information in a very short time!

And another:-

I really enjoyed your presentation on the teaching module. It was useful to learn some new terms and concepts in education theory/practice, and get some book recommendations. I am developing some info lit material for my school, so this was particularly timely.


It was really useful to learn from Karen’s experience of using social media channels at work, and to pick up some tips of what works well.  

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