Beware the Guard Dog!

I write this cautiously.  My latest blogpost mentioned the significant, large piece of writing required to get a PhD.  I used appropriate keywords, obviously.  And what happens? I get new followers – yay!  But they’re the kind of websites that offer writing services for desperate students.  Let me state this here, loud and clear – if you commission people to write student assignments, then it is not worth your while following me!

And if you are a real live human associated with one of these enterprises as a consumer, please note:-

I will gladly speak to students of my own institution about how to structure or reference a submission.  I would cheerfully advise anyone that I knew personally, about such things.

BUT I WILL NEVER, EVER WRITE FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO PASS MY WORK OFF AS THEIR OWN.  I worked unbelievably hard to get my qualifications, and I’m not available to help anyone else “work the system”.  I write for myself, under my own name.  That’s it.

If you’re a struggling student, please turn to your own institution.  Tell them you’re struggling.  Seek appropriate help.  They won’t charge you for it.  But don’t be tempted to pay someone else to write for you.  How could you take pride in a degree that was dishonestly gained?

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