Lurching Progress

I did my third and final interview early this morning, so I’ll be able to transcribe it and start writing up my findings at the weekend.  My plans, in broad perspective, are now:-

  1. Finish PGCert project research;
  2. Write up entire thing, or most of it!
  3. Attend everyone else’s graduation (I simply wasn’t able to complete on time, due to stress and anxiety issues not of my own making last autumn, and a huge increase in the incidence of migraines as a consequence.)
  4. Take three days’ holiday in which I have to get any last minute writing etc done;
  5. Back to work and try to get my efforts approved before I submit them;
  6. Submission and a fortnight’s holiday

If I don’t get it completed before my holiday, I’m not planning on going anywhere, so I could continue writing through the holiday if I had to, but this is NOT HOW I WANT TO SPEND PRECIOUS HOLIDAY, so the onus is on me not to let this happen!  August marks the beginning of the postdoctoral networking project, and hopefully the PGCert project will be safely behind me.

With any luck, I’ll get my PGCert and graduate in the autumn.  I think part of the problem has been that although I’m used to multi-tasking – after all, I did a PhD whilst working full-time – this time, I’ve been 80% librarian, 20% postdoctoral researcher AND distance-learning PGCert student.  Maybe no greater time-commitment, but I’ve had more deadlines and a greater variety of simultaneous mental preoccupations, quite apart from 2016’s awful Autumn.  The migraines haven’t totally subsided, which also hasn’t helped.  I’m looking forward to only having two roles rather than three!


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