Checking the Facts

I’m off to St Andrews again today.  Having amassed all my data about music borrowing from the University Library between 1801-1849, and codified it all, I know which volume was most popular, and why. But it’s not in the modern catalogue, and that raises more questions!

  • Is it missing or uncatalogued? (later: it turns out to be genuinely missing)
  • If the latter, why? Could it be in poor (heavily used) condition?
  • If the former, I know the last person to use it up to 1849, but were they the last ever? That would probably mean checking at least one more library receipt book, and the last one was 700+ pages long. Even for a geek like me, that’s probably too much effort when I’ve already defined my date parameters. (later: the Reverend Doctor returned it. I just have to accept that it’s gone, presumably forever.)
  • I want to check a couple of loan records.  (later: I checked.)
  • And a contemporary list of residents, predating official census records. (I have a long list of everyone who borrowed music from the library!)  (I checked this too, but ordered up a copy so that I could look again at my leisure, another time.)
  • And a book of flute parts, to see if there are any interesting markings of usage. I don’t expect any, but you never know.  (There weren’t!  Still, I was able to check the names of the quadrilles.)
  • And a couple of books in the Finzi collection – they may come from another place in the library, and I believe they were in high demand. Again, physical inspection is necessary.  (Checked these – pristine.)

I still await news on my funding application. I have a conference paper to write, and it would be nice to finish up with (hopefully good) news, but I shall just have to continue to be patient … (And, a week later, I’ve written the conference paper.  With no news to impart yet. Ah, well … it’s a waiting game.  More on the paper another time, since it’s ridiculously late at night!)

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