Survey Monkey? Hunky-Dory

monkey-474147_640While I was waiting for confirmation that I could submit my project proposal to the ethics committee, I started thinking about Survey Monkey versus a paper questionnaire – and it did feel as though Survey Monkey had much to recommend it.  It’s more streamlined and saves anyone having to email completed questionnaires to me.

Since the questionnaire already existed, I reasoned, what could be easier than to turn it into a Survey Monkey one?

They don’t tell you about the ten question limit until you’ve input ten questions.  And then …  well, let’s say this was annoying. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go for a personal upgrade (at several hundred £££ per year, this is a relief!), so once I’d made my arrangements, I began all over again, until I finally had a whole questionnaire ready to go.

Now I have to submit all the “paperwork” (documentation) to be signed off and submitted for ethical approval.  I’ll try to do so tomorrow, depending on whether I get a clear break at lunchtime.

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