Which came first – migraine or mania?

3 busy days, with challenging and enjoyable patches interspersed.  Perhaps it’s not surprising I ended up with a migraine when all the excitement was over, and I was on my way home from a trip to Dundee today.

Thursday? A morning meeting.  A pile of fiddly ongoing cataloguing.  An afternoon struggle with saving my project “interventions” in the correct format.  An evening choir-practice, and a further, late evening struggle with the interventions on my home laptop.  It wouldn’t save to mp4 format, because of the age of the laptop and Microsoft Office package.

Friday arrived.  I visited my GP about my migraines, did my library duties, attended a couple more meetings, and spent some more time on the interventions, using a different laptop and the same headset.  The headset worked at home, but the first recording attempt at work didn’t record any sound.  I spent my entire lunchbreak on it, and I did eventually end up with two mp4 recordings saved on my U-drive, but I hadn’t really had what you’d call a lunchbreak!  I managed to save to the cloud on my PC, and needed help to create shareable links. Hey-ho.  I was ready for dinner out with my workmates!

Which brings me to today. I attended a concert and brief meeting in Dundee, came home, felt really very ill, but still attended to emails and did a quick supermarket dash.

Having reached the point where I can do nothing about anything much until I hear from various people about various things I’m involved with, I can finally give myself permission to flop.  I would force myself to plod on, but actually, at the moment, I can’t!  So … back to the heading of this post. Which came first?  I’ve probably done too much and stressed too much, but the doing needed done, and I would always put the doing ahead of the resting.  Why should other people be made to wait because I had failed to action something?  The headaches are my problem, but they don’t need to cause other people delay.

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