I know I should have done more work on my PGCert project this past couple of weeks, but last week I had migraines for six days out of seven, and just getting through a working day was challenge enough.  I’ve been counting – 23 migraines in 25 weeks.  I’ve only taken time off for two migraines in all that time, because I don’t want a bad absence record.  Considering last week was so bad, that means some weeks I had no migraines at all, so I shouldn’t really grumble.  The Migraine Trust has published an advice leaflet which states categorically that migraines are a disability covered by disability legislation. I had no idea of this until the leaflet was pointed out to me!

And then this week, after three days feeling well, I managed to catch man-flu.  (That’s equality for you.)  I feel decidedly hard-done-by!



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