Categories and Tags

Navigating My Blog

You’re looking at my blog, whose current purpose is primarily to record my progress as I hiker-1984421_640navigate my way through the PGCert course.  Sometimes I do blog about other things.  WordPress allows the blogger to categorise postings, and also to tag keywords which might recur, to help both blogger and readers to navigate the site.

Left Margin

As you look at this blog, there’s a black margin down the left side.  Headings offer you links to:-

  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Archives (by month)
  • Categories.  If a posting is about my PGCert Project, for example, then I will have assigned it to that category.  Clicking on the category PGCert Project will take you to all posts assigned to that category.

Please note that categories also appear above the title of each blogpost.  Clicking on them there will have the same effect – it takes you to all of them.  (You’ll see that the present post is in the category, Blogging.)

Right Margin

The wide, white column down the right-hand side of the page offers quick links to Blog Stats, Recent Posts, Tags, Recent Comments, Archives, and Categories.  (In other words, more ways of finding what you’re looking for, and some of the same features as above!)  I use tags much less frequently than categories.  For example, I could tag an author.  But the whole blogpost wouldn’t necessarily be about that author.  Whereas, if I categorise a blogpost, then it is, generally all about that category, or a select few categories.

Underneath the Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral!

At the top of my blog, under the picture of St Paul’s Cathedral dome, the white headings on black background take you to other pages.  NB pages cannot be assigned categories; I update them less frequently because otherwise they’d get too long.

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