RefME or Not

A new citation app, RefME,  is appealingly straight forward to use, I thought it might actually be the easiest for students to learn, although I myself already use Mendeley regularly, and have also tried Zotero and – at one stage – had a subscription to EndNote.  I arranged for the rep to give a presentation to myself, and colleagues from across the institution.  The app is good. The cost of becoming an institutional partner was too high.  I could not get my phone to do the ISBN recognition which is a key part of the app, and I’ve since found the support back up to be sadly wanting, so I won’t be recommending it. Nonetheless, the subject of referencing might be a good one for a trial intervention, and I have not dismissed the idea of creating a quick and basic introduction to referencing.   I did blog about RefME – ‘When a tweet provokes thought’, 18th December:-  and I remember my frustration.  I like Mendeley. I trust it.  I believe Zotero is equally good. I’m sorry, RefME – I won’t be recommending you.  It’s a shame.

El Hakim, Yaz, et al, ‘The impact of RefME on the student experience’, report on research by University of Greenwich and Sheffield Hallam University, 2016, 11 pp.



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