New Page on Blog – PGCert Project

This is basically a flag for my supervisor!  There is now a new page for my PGCert Project.

I’m woefully behind with my project! As I mentioned in my blog in September, my GP diagnosed me as suffering from stress-related symptoms (to add to the migraines which in themselves technically count as a disability under the terms of the Equality Act). I’ve only had a couple of days off for flu, and a couple more for migraines – but I’ve had so many migraines that I generally just take painkillers and try to keep going at work.  The negative side of this is the exhaustion and inability to do as much intellectual work as I’d like in the evenings, particularly as I’m also engaged in a research project and am a church organist, too.

This page that I’ve just created, is my New Year, “turning over a new leaf” attempt to get back on track.

My project proposal still hasn’t been handed in. I did a chunk of writing in September on my blog :- – and I have blogged intermittently since then.  I’ve read a few articles, thought about various aspects of the project, and got hold of masses of raw data in the form of recent library surveys. I plan to extract relevant comments about using electronic resources and library induction in general. This will inform my questions in the questionnaire I have yet to write, and probably also the interviews I propose to conduct.

So – what does my proposal have to contain?  What follows is copied from the blogpost I’ve linked to above.  In total, it has to be 1000 words.  There’s also an ethical approval form to complete and submit.  The deadline is technically in February, but I may need formally to request an extension.

My To Do list looks like this:-

  1. Check EXACTLY what must be done, and deadlines. Knowledge is less stressful than uncertainty!  I have today (10 January) conferred with my project supervisor.
  2. Complete proposal documents
  3. Check what literature I’ve READ so far, and look at the other material I’ve got waiting to read.
  4. Ethical approval form
  5. Mine the data already gathered together from the library surveys, particularly for 2016.
  6. Collate relevant ResearchGate discussions

Wordcount – must be 1000 words

To Do List

  • Research Context (ie, miniature literature review) DONE.  Not really very miniature! – today, 2017-01-18
  • Professional Aims (personal benefits as well as library benefits)
  • Research Questions
  • Methodology

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