Last Posting Tonight

I really need to get cracking with my PGCert project now that Christmas is over.  As I’ve mentioned, I had a very stressful six months at the end of last year.  By the time Christmas crept up on me, I visualised my GP diagnosing burnout, and made a last-minute decision to take an extra day’s annual leave before Christmas.  I felt as though I was barely functioning – it was time to stop before I crumpled into a little disconsolate heap.

After Christmas, I did no intellectual work for ten days.  I looked at my work emails only once (because I’m helping organise a conference outwith work, and I didn’t want to let anyone down by not completing a particular task).  And I sewed, did all the domesticity stuff, and slept.  That was about it.

The major stress-factor is resolved, though I still have plenty of other things requiring my attention.  Unfortunately, I’m still tired.  That doesn’t seem to be going away fast enough.  Still, I’m still here, and it’s a new year.  That’s about as good as it gets!


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