Ongoing User Education

In recent weeks, I spoke about the library and e-resources to our new jazz undergraduates, and gave part-of-a-lecture to all the new BMus and BEd undergraduates, about finding resources (paper and electronic) for their first academic assignment.

I also made a powerpoint and recorded a voiceover about using the catalogue and our e-resources, which was shared with the new PGCert and MEd students, and that has also gone online for future use.  What I need is feedback, though.  I did ask for students to let me know if the ppt was helpful.  No-one has.  (I think I’ll send a MailChimp message to the entire cohort – it might get some response.)  But last night I got an email asking for e-resource help, so I checked out the things I was asked about, and emailed a reply.  This was at 23:58 on a Saturday!  (Do I get a gold star for being super-helpful, over and above the call ….?!)   However, I couldn’t solve the problems. We didn’t have one thing, and don’t seem to have access to another.  I’ll check it out again at work tomorrow.  I really shouldn’t check my work emails on a Saturday night …

I was meant to give another undergraduate session on Wednesday, but there was a schedule change that I didn’t hear about, so that is to be rescheduled.

All part of the parachute lecturer’s rich tapestry of life.  These lecturers with their regular teaching schedules don’t know they’re born!!


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