PGCert Day, 24th September

It’s the weekend when we all gather together to talk about research projects or just the practicalities of starting the course. I found enough to say about my planned project, even if it’s not under way yet!

I need to get a move on – don’t want to miss teaching opportunities that could be included in the surveys that will be an inevitable part of the project. (Well, the actual teaching will clearly happen, but surveying the students needs a bit of forethought!)

I do plan on drawing upon evidence from existing student surveys that we did in recent years.  We didn’t ask how effective our library teaching was, but there might be evidence of how many attended induction or used/knew about e-resources.

Our course leader asked:-

  • What is the project?
  • Where will you gather data?
  • Why do this project?
  • Can you see any ethical challenges? (I can’t.)

The goals-barriers-options-actions circle.

The big rocks in the jar. (Commit to do the big things first.)

Jamie talks about levels of reflection. What level do we reflect at?

 Finally, a discussion about reflecting on your blog, and what it means to different people.  There’s so much I could say about blogging and referencing, but I don’t want to sound a know-all, so I’m just sitting quietly. I’ve done the blog for about 16 years, as well as my own blogging. And referencing and that kind of thing is just what I do professionally. But I haven’t introduced myself as having a professional interest. Even saying, ‘when I did my PhD’ feels a bit like I’m showing off, in this context. I’m embarrassed by myself!


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