Keeping Track: Updating the Reading List

With the current flurry of blogposts, I run the risk of losing track of what I’ve read. Sure, I have the printouts and the online pdfs, not to mention the Dropbox cloud copies and my commentary on this blog.

MendeleyBut I still have to add the references to my e-portfolio, not to mention the Bibliography on this blog, and Mendeley. It’s all a bit complex, with having to enter them in so many places.  The bibliography and Mendeley are the places I’m most likely to go back to, so – I made a list.  My reading so far this week:-

Cassidy, Sarah, ‘School’s results go from Bottom to top, thanks to Shakespeare’, The Guardian (21 June 2016)

Clawson, James G. S. and Mark E. Haskins, Teaching Management (Cambridge University Press,2006) ;  Online Publication Date: February 2010 Online ISBN-13: 9780511617850,
Hardback ISBN-13: 9780521869751, Book DOI: (Specifically Chapters 2. Levels of Learning – one, two and three /James G. S. Clawson and Mark E. Haskins, pp.26-33; and 13. Experiential methods / By Clawson, pp.212-227)

Garrison, Jim, Stefan Neubert,and Kersten Reich, John Dewey’s philosophy of education; An introduction and recontextualization for our times (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) – e-book

Jarvis, Matt, The Psychology of Effective Learning and Teaching (Cheltenham: Nelson Thomas, 2005)- Chapters 1,3, and 4

Jeffs, Chris, ‘Reflective Learning’ (print pp.135-139) in Strategic Management (London: SAGE Publications Ltd, 2008);Print ISBN: 9781412947695,Online ISBN: 9781446216446 DOI:

Kolb, David A., ‘Experiential Learning Theory and Learning Styles’ In: Encyclopedia of Management Theory  / Ed. Eric H. Kessler (Sage publications, 2013), DOI: (encyclopedia entry; print pp.277-9)

Moore, Chris, ‘If you are not updating your lectures, you could be letting your students down‘, Times Higher Education (9 June 2016)

Prawat, Richard S., “Constructivism”, in Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology, ed. Neil J. Salkind.  (Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc., 2008); Print ISBN: 9781412916882, Online ISBN: 9781412963848, DOI:  (Print p.183)

Stroebe, Wolfgang, ‘Student evaluations of teaching: no measure for the TEF‘, Times Higher Education (9 Jue 2016)



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