First the REF then the TEF

I’ve been reading about proposals for the TEF – Teaching Evaluation Framework – that will go alongside the REF – Research Evaluation Framework – in Higher Education.  The good old student survey will provide data to help with this new assessment.  I must admit I hadn’t given it very much thought, apart from patting myself on the back for being in the middle of a PG Cert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  However, it would appear that the American experience of student surveys about teaching standards, is that students look for courses that they enjoy, that are easy to pass without too much hard work.  And if teachers want their teaching to be considered good, by these parameters, then they need to design courses that will allow students to get good grades without putting too much effort in.  Cynical or what?!  I have thought for quite a long time, though, that students may not apply the same judgements as a peer-evaluator might use, when thinking about which teachers are “good”.  Good entertainment value? Surely not.  You’d like to think that fairness, patience, good humour, and respect might be in the mix somewhere, too.

The article was in Times Higher Education: Student evaluations of Teaching: no Measure for the TEF, by Wolfgang Stroebe.
Here’s another article: Power to the Students: How the Nature of Higher Education is Changing, by Andrew Gunn (at





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