From Theory to Practice: ‘It was cool’

Both seminars seemed to go welFeedbackl.  Indeed, I even got student feedback from everyone present – I bribed them with chocolate!  I’ll do a reflective blogpost once I’ve read and sorted all the feedback – ‘It was cool’ was the best one, and I don’t think they were referring to Thorntons!  I need to compare the student feedback with my peer assessments, not to mention doing some evaluation of my own.

Meanwhile – the weekend was spent in a fog of exhausted, pre-Christmas stressiness, improved only by a trip to the Kelvingrove Art Galleries to see A Century of Style.

The Mystery Lady Cataloguer

On the research front, I have Big Ideas for ways to further my research into 18th-19th century Copyright Music Collections, and a tiny, glimmering hope that I may have worked out who created the early 19th century music catalogue at St Andrews.  Not in any detailed sense, nor why, nor how she came to be there. It really makes little difference to the big story, but human beings being what we are, it would be nice to have a wee anecdote about the early Victorian lady ‘cataloguer’ who wrote or dictated the two books that document what was there at the time.  What she did with the rest of her life still remains a mystery, of course!



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