Tradition and Nationalism … Two Lesson Plans

Well, it’s six days until I deliver my two sessions to our Traditional Music first and second years.  The first years will be led through historic examples of tradition in performance, whilst the second are treated to a guided tour through nationalism as it evidenced itself in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I drafted the first of these a couple of nights ago, so this weekend is dedicated to crafting the second and then polishing both to within a whisker of perfection.

Ducking between a trip to St Andrews, three migraines and now a leaking roof – thankfully I don’t have a migraine whilst dealing with Storm Desmond and my building insurers – I finally settled down and drafted the second session, and am modestly pleased with the newborn lesson plan, which has some genetic similarities to its sibling, but is very definitely a plan in its own right.  I’ve even addressed the SCQF learning outcomes – good heavens, I’m turning into a teacher!

g159282_95559In fact, what worries me most is the armload of scores that I shall have to take to the seminar room on Friday!  A flight-bag is probably the best idea, and less conspicuous than a rattling library trolley!



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