Outreach and Impact

I must admit I need to clear up in my own mind where “outreach” becomes “impact”.  If outreach is done by me, then impact is measured by how much interest my work arouses?

Anyway, in September this year, I talked about the Wighton and Jimmy Shand collections in Dundee Central Library. In October, I talked about both my recently-finished involvement in the Bass Culture project, and my own new project, ‘Claimed from Stationers’ Hall’, at one of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Exchange Talks.  I also talked about the First Edinburgh Musical Festival on the occasion of its Bicentenary, and that took place in Edinburgh Public Library.

This month – today, in fact – I talked about the website arising from the Bass Culture project – hms.scot – which has now been launched in beta version pending the proper launch in February next year.  ‘Fiddle Books by the Dozen’ was the name of today’s talk at the Scots Fiddle Festival.  The audience was of modest size, but certainly showed interest.  If there are enough visits to hms.scot, then we’ll know there has been impact.  Please take a look! There are over 220 fiddle books listed, and 22 of them have been indexed and fully digitised – well worth a look.  I won’t post my talk here – I’ve agreed to write a piece for Box and Fiddle – but I can share the slides.  Please Click Here.


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