Student AGAIN? Becoming a Pedagogue …

Technically, tomorrow I become a student again as I join the rest of my cohort on the PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning in the Performing Arts.  It’s a bit disconcerting to reflect that, had I had the courage to aim for a career in academia at the age of 24, I wouldn’t have become a librarian, might not have ended up in South Tyneside, and wouldn’t be here in Glasgow now.  Some of us take longer than others to realise where we ought to be, career-wise.

Still, tomorrow being Tuesday, it’s also the first of my two research days each week. I shall haul my notes and my learned tomes to work, and think scholarly thoughts until home-time.  I must confess I have a most unhealthy enthusiasm for Kassler’s Music Entries at Stationers’ Hall book, probably because bibliographies satisfy the inner librarian and inner musicologist in equal measure!  And then there’s the pleasure of recognising names and publishers from other research I’ve already done.  My invisible friends are the ghosts of musicians, publishers and booksellers from the Georgian and Regency eras – I love them all!


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