Edinburgh next! Music Festivals Galore

This Friday, it’s my talk at Edinburgh Central Library to celebrate the Bicentenary of the First Edinburgh Musical Festival.  The paper is written, the powerpoint prepared, I’m polishing my performance and raring to go!

I’m so excited to have today arranged to go on a guided tour of Parliament Hall, the morning before my talk.  That’s where the first festival sacred concerts were performed, and I get to stand inside and see exactly (well, as exactly as 200 years will allow) what the audience and performers saw thenI’m thrilled!  It’ll be great to have the venue in my mind’s eye as I give my talk.

A month later, I’ll be back in Edinburgh again, this time for the Scots Fiddle Festival, where I’ll be talking about ‘Fiddle books by the dozen’ – a retrospective look at my part in the Bass Culture project, and telling fiddlers what they can expect when the Historic Music of Scotland website goes live.

I have some more tentative plans for further lectures/seminars in the new year, but nothing finalised yet.  I’d better get weaving on responding to a couple of calls for papers.  There are barely enough hours in my day!


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