Reputation is all Relative (“Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”)

So here I am, a revalidated Fellow of CILIP, and ostensibly at the top of my tree (though it’s rather stunted, considering my static career trajectory).  This is great – I feel validated.

But then I look at ResearchGate and find this:-

ResearchGate score July 2015

I suppose I must take comfort in the fact that I am barely in the bottom third of ResearchGate members?  This doesn’t much please me!  Of course, the truth of the matter is that I have been a librarian for 31 years, but have had my doctorate – and hence my standing as a musicological scholar – for only six years.  Taken in that context, to be crawling my way out of the bottom third of ResearchGate researchers doesn’t seem quite so bad, but maybe I should spend more leisure time continuing to do serious research!  How else will I improve that accursed percentile?

Researchgate score JulyEnd 2015UPDATE – My score has marginally, marginally increased.  But I’m still in the same percentile. Now, how can that be?!


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