On Vacation – Hooray!

Even a stay-cation is still vacation.  In the interests of relaxation, I’ll try to keep social media postings on a slow simmer rather than a fast boil!  After all, I’ll go back to the final push on the Bass Culture project, which ends mid-October.  I Bass Culture at Musica Scoticaattended the Music in Nineteenth Century Britain conference at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland last week, but I didn’t submit an abstract for that reason.  There isn’t time to sit writing conference papers when there’s a massive spreadsheet to revise prior to HMS.Scot going live.

And I do have three speaking engagements lined up for late October and November already, so at some stage I may take a bit more vacation to get started on writing those: one celebrating the bicentenary of Edinburgh’s first Musical Festival; one for our own research community; and one for the Scots Fiddle Festival.

So … now I need to chill.  Here’s hoping for fine weather …Johnson brothers big teapot


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