All Roads Lead To Glasgow? Joshua Campbell’s Glasgow (instrumental medley)

A colleague listened to my recent arrangement of a tune for flute quartet, and asked if I’d ever done any arrangements for string quartets.  I hadn’t.  (Flutes, saxophones, cellos, but not yet a string quartet.)  Well, there was nothing for it – I decided to have a go.  I incorporated the tune I’d already written for flute quartet – why let a good tune go to waste?  You can listen to Joshua’s Glasgow here.

These are my “programme notes”:-

‘Joshua’s Glasgow’ is an instrumental medley from a late 18th century Scottish fiddle tunebook.  Joshua Campbell lived and worked in Glasgow, and I’ve picked a selection of Glasgow-named pieces from his book. His spellings are a bit erratic:-
1 Glasgow Flurish
2 Sweet bells of Glasgow
3 Glasgow Tontine
4 Glasgow ladys
5 The beautifull town of Glasgow
6 Royal Glasgow Volunteers (also known as the 83rd Regiment of Foot, 1778-1783)
7 Glasgow Flurish (I’ve repeated it)


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