A Weekend Full of Surprises

St Mungo's Centre conference (2) St Mungo's Centre windows (2)So, the Musica Scotica conference is behind us.  It was declared a resounding success. The St Mungo Museum was a  delightful venue – I’m sharing some pictures of the room we met in, and the view out in the courtyard.

St Mungo's Centre courtyard (2)Besides a host of interesting papers, there was the unveiling of Elizabeth Ford’s reproduction Crathes flute – she got an instrument maker to reconstruct a flute the likes of which has never been seen anywhere else but on the ceiling at Crathes, and then played it to Crathes flute by Elizabeth Ford (2)us. We heard John Maxwell Geddes talk about his compositional inspirations, and went to St Bride’s Episcopal Church to hear his latest commission.  And we heard Pete Stewart talking about early representations and references to bagpipes.  Yes, he played several sets of bagpipes, too.

IGlasgow brooch coat of arms (2) certainly didn’t expect to be presented with a gorgeous Glasgow brooch at the end of the conference, but it is so lovely that I thought I’d share it here too – a final surprise for me!


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