You Don’t Argue With an Organist?

I had a wee grumble at our last worship committee meeting.  A couple of months ago, I’d written new words and a musical setting of a Scottish folksong, for a choir recessional.  A dozen loyal choristers learned it with me, and we gave the debut performance on Sunday.  There was only one problem – it was a quiet, reflective little number and some of the congregation decided to talk loudly through it.  Kids yelled at each other, and their parent did nothing about it.  There’s nothing quite like this for damping one’s spirits!

Of course, no-one had actually asked me to write it, and no-one actually knew I had written it, so it was just another run-of-the-mill “rounding off the service” items that no-one paid any attention to.  I hadn’t really any reason to grumble at all.  Nonetheless, I was peeved.  What was needed, I felt, was another recessional – this time loud, syncopated and energetic.  More lyrics were written, and I composed it from scratch in a more modern style.  I’m ashamed to say I incorporated some very gaudy, trashy little motifs into the organ accompaniment, but my better nature prevailed and I removed them before completing the piece yesterday evening.  So, let’s see if this kind of recessional at least asserts our presence even if we can’t drown out the chatterers entirely!  This is how it goes, so far.  (I might change a few harmonies, so do come back later and see if I’ve improved upon it!)

Having written my annoyance out of my system, I wrote another blogpost for the IAML(UK and Ireland) website.  This time it was about the impact of digital media in music libraries.  And it has been posted already – here.


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