Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane? Hardly Superman!

I’m just back from the Annual Study Weekend of my professional organisation, the International Association of Music Libraries UK and Ireland Branch. And what’s the first thing I do upon my return – after checking emails, of course?  I dive for my CILIP Continuing Professional Developmento portfolio – that’s the Chartered Instititute of Library and Information Professionals – and log my attendance at the Annual Study Weekend.  Revalidation is in the air.  I did a staggering 163 hours of CPD in 2014, and I have lots of professional activity of one kind and another in the offing, so I have to keep up to date.  Hopefully I’ll check what I have to do, and get my revalidation submitted fairly soon, if I can just fit it in amongst all the other activities!

The problem is, I am one individual with one full-time job, but much of my spare time is going on all the extra activities associated with being a librarian three days a week, and a researcher the other two.  I’m almost drowning in it!  Here’s what I’ve just noted in my CPD journal:-

  • March 2015 – Invited to edit the paper I gave at Musica Scotica last year for inclusion in next Scottish Music Review
  • March 2015 – Engaged to give talk at Edinburgh Central Library, Autumn 2015,  commemorating 200th Anniversary of the first Edinburgh Musical Festival.
  • March 2015 – Applied for and awaiting to hear if I’ll be awarded funding …for a 6-month part-time research project to follow on from the AHRC-funded postdoctoral research that ends in October 2015.
  • March 2015 – Submitted article to Emerald peer-reviewed journal
  • April 2015 – Submitted article to CILIP group magazine
  • April 2015 – Invited to be on organising committee for 2016 conference being hosted at my workplace.
  • April 2015 – am on organising committee for Musica Scotica, a 1.5 day conference taking place in Glasgow at the end of this month.

So many opportunities that I feel both energised and overwhelmed.  Sadly, decided to cease mentoring activities, and am grateful that my SALCTG convenorship is coming to a natural end next month.  There are limits to what the average full-time working parent can achieve in their spare time!


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