Hymn for St Augustine’s Church, Norwich-over-the-Water

From the Churches Conservation Trust website: St Augustine’s Church, Norwich-over-the-Water

I can’t believe it’s 30 years since I was organist at this, the church with the nicest name of all the places I’ve ever played!  St Augustine’s Church, Norwich-over-the-Water is now under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.  It’s a mediaeval church with the only 17th century brick tower in Norwich.

While I was there, I composed a Palm Sunday hymn, ‘Sing Hosanna, ye people young and old.’  I fished it out today, and decided I’d better get it saved in Finale Songwriter and Soundcloud so that I have a digital record of it.  Here’s the midi-file.

Now, there’s a hymn-tune called ‘Sursum Corda’ which has a similar outline for the first two lines.  However, mine alternates between 7 and 6 beats in the bar – that’s certainly different! – and the last two lines go their own individual way.  I have no idea if I had come across the earlier hymn when I wrote mine, but I can honestly say that there was no intention of basing mine on someone else’s tune.  If anything, I think it simply betrays my immersion in mediaeval music and plainsong for several years as a student!


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