Sexy Bibliography (and revealing paratext) – yes, it’s a peer-reviewed article!

I’m pleased to say my article was published in Library Review this month, February 2015 (Vol.64 Iss. 1/2, pp.154-161).  Since it’s an Emerald journal and peer-reviewed, I’m feeling quite chuffed!

I can’t even remember how I dreamt up the title of that article, but it’s about library user education and musical paratext, and draws on my Teaching Artist studies last year. Maybe I should reassure you that “sexy” is a marketing term, and paratext certainly reveals things about the author or compiler of a book.  Not a whisper of black lace or naughtiness anywhere, I can guarantee.

If your university library subscribes to Library Review, you can read the article here.  If not, I’ll share the abstract so you can see what it’s about.

Design/methodology/approach – The main focus of this concept paper is a consideration of best pedagogical practice, and a discussion of how best to embed it in a curriculum designed for performers and other creative artists. Turning from a role as a bibliographic instructor to that as an academic adjunct, the author addresses similar pedagogical issues in a session on Scottish songbooks, which is delivered each year to second-year undergraduates.

Findings – The author wrote a paper on user education for a librarianship journal in 1991. The present paper reflects upon the discernible differences in approach between then and now, and finds that gaining pedagogical expertise has enabled significant improvements.

Originality/value – There is comparatively little published about user education in music libraries, about pedagogical training for librarians working in this field, or about scholar-librarians availing themselves of suitable training to improve their delivery of academic course components.

I hope to resume my studies towards a PGCert (Postgraduate Certificate) in teaching, later this year, and I look forward to gaining further insights which I can draw upon in future teaching activites.

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