The Day of Reckoning

I’ve been updating my CPD record on my professional association’s VLN.  To my astonishment, I clocked up 161 hours of CPD in 2014!  This does seem rather exessive!  Admittedly about a third of this was an invaluable short credit-rated course that I did in my own spare time in the evenings; and some other events took place on Saturdays.  However, this total of hours attending CPD takes no account of evenings spent writing and researching.  I begin to see why I ended up so tired.  When I start my CPD planning for 2015, I must try to be more discerning in what I decide to attend.  There’s being-seen-to-be-keen, and the folly of trying to be two full-time people, researcher and librarian, in one person’s time.  So I’m simultaneously proud of a hardworking year, and conscious of not having achieved work-life balance last year.

And where did the time go?

Start Date End Date Title Hours
13 November 2014 15 November 2014 13th ELIA Biennial Conference: Location Aesthetics at Glasgow 22.0
8 November 2014 8 November 2014 Library Camp Glasgow at Mitchell Library, Glasgow 6.0
24 October 2014 24 October 2014 Musical Life Outside London, 1500-1800 [Conference] at Newcastle University 6.0
18 October 2014 20 October 2014 Understanding Scotland Musically [conference] at Newcastle University 14.0
14 September 2014 16 September 2014 Learning and Teaching Conference at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 10.0
11 September 2014 11 September 2014 Scotland’s Collections: the Digital Humanities [Seminar] at Edinburgh 6.0
25 August 2014 25 August 2014 Reading and Identity Conference at National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh 3.0
13 July 2014 13 July 2014 IAML Conference at Antwerp 16.0
25 April 2014 25 April 2014 Musica Scotica (Scottish music) research conference at Aberdeen 7.0
10 April 2014 11 April 2014 IAML (UK & Irl) Annual Study Weekend at Cambridge 16.0
20 March 2014 20 March 2014 Working at Heights at Online 0.3
20 March 2014 20 March 2014 Slips, Trips and Falls at Online 0.3
6 March 2014 6 March 2014 Level 1 Child Protection Training at Online 0.3
28 February 2014 28 March 2014 Mentor Training (online webinar) at Online 0.5
12 February 2014 27 May 2014 Teaching Artist course at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 54.0
Total hours 161.4

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