That Time of Year

Hurrah!  Two weeks’ annual leave from work, and this morning we had our Carol Service at church.  The countdown to Christmas has really begun.  I was a bit disturbed to see a BBC tweet counting down to Hogmanay already, when we haven’t even had Christmas yet.  Like going straight from starter to soup, with no main course.

The organ has developed a new fault – turn it on, the lights on the console and pedals go on, but … the lights are on and no-one’s at home.  Not even a whimper, unless you count the the Stockhausen-on-helium effect (blurt-squawk-cheep, pianissimo) as a whimper.  On Thursday I followed correct IT Department procedure – I turned it off and on again, and all was well. Well, it IS an Allen computer organ.  Today I didn’t need to turn it off – eventually it somehow realised I expected more of it, obediently woke up and played for me.  There was still a blip in the middle of one hymn, but mercifully that was it. The 10 am service and the 11.30 am carol service went without further ado.

Knowing they’d be up at the front of the church, everyone was smartly turned out.  (One soprano turned up with a roller to put in her fringe, in case the wind and rain spoiled her coiffure.  Thankfully, she remembered to remove the roller before coming into church!)  We had a good turn-out, and people seemed to enjoy what we’d prepared. That’s good enough for me!


One thought on “That Time of Year”

  1. Bear in mind Christmas wasn’t even a public holiday up here till the 50s. I still remember adults didn’t give it much thought as a child in the 80s.


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