Reflective Journal Time

Carry On Researching:

Gazing into My Crystal Ball

Crystal ball - a gift from my colleagues!

With less than a year left to go in my present part-time postdoctoral research project secondment, now seems a good time to do some serious reflection about what I’ve done, and what I could do next.  This doesn’t feel like something I should necessarily put in a public blog – at least, not straight away.  Very soon, I shall hear how our institution fared in the latest REF research assessment, and that in itself might shade future plans.  I have ideas, but not necessarily the means to see them through to fruition.

Furthermore, I’ve got a couple of writing commitments to be done in the next fortnight; another week at work; Christmas preparations at home; church music to rehearse in Bearsden; and every chance of catching my own version of the man-flu that has flattened our youngest son!  My intention, therefore, is to carve out half a day, perhaps after Christmas, when I shall take myself somewhere else to sit and reflect about my career path.  However I manage it, my New Year’s Resolution is to keep researching!


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