Well, What do You Know?

I undertook to write three encyclopedia articles.  The first was very straightforward, the second a little less so, and the third is not beyond me but will require some thought.  It also has to be as long as the other two put together.  I have until mid-December.

Somewhat to my surprise, I have finished the second one this afternoon – on target.  There was a point earlier in November where I sincerely wondered whether I knew enough, or had enough to say, or could put what I did know together coherently enough, so I am slightly stunned to find myself looking at an article just three words over the target word-count.  (And that’s including my name.)  As a reward, I’m taking my son to the cinema, and then I’ll upload the article later tonight.  What a huge sense of relief!

And the moral of the tale?  Well, my general philosophy is quite simple.  Never turn down an opportunity, and never say you can’t do something.  Missed opportunities lead to regret; saying something is beyond you is self-limiting; and if you turn a chance down, you may not be asked again.

The down-side is having spent a considerable amount of time recently feeling as though I was drowning in commitments.  However, as you see – I can actually swim.  And tomorrow I start gathering materials for the third encyclopedia article!


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