What comes after the PhD?

There’s plenty of sound advice here.  I didn’t write this – it first appeared on PhD Life blog, but I thought it was well worth sharing.

However, it appears I am one of the lucky few; I’ve been in an academic-related role for 26 years, and am currently combining it with a part-time postdoctoral position. As to October 2015? Watch this space!

PhD Life

When you hand in your PhD, what comes next? Here Georgina Collins provides advice for the researchers who have just completed a PhD and would like to continue in academia but are unsure which path to take.

Prerow, Urlauber mit Ferngläsern am Strand

Post-PhD blues

Most people leave the viva and are unsure what they are going to do next. Very few individuals have full-time permanent jobs lined up, especially in the current financial climate. Many people expect to feel elated when they find out they have passed their viva (most likely with some form of corrections), but the reality is that it is usually an anticlimax. Having to make corrections, reproof and reprint can bring on a sense of failure. And the thought of having to rewrite or remodel the thesis for publication only heightens that feeling, especially when you have put your heart and soul into the project for at least three years. You…

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