Professional, if not Academic Writing

I wrote the previous blogpost with the intention of submitting it for a blogpost competition.  Sadly, I got that wrong – I should have read the rules more closely and not actually BLOGGED the blogpost.  Ah, well.  Undeterred, I authored another.  I won’t share that with the world, though – I know the rules now!

And then I wrote a Convenor’s report for SALCTG, a professional librarianship group.  My penultimate report, as it happens – I’m resigning as Convenor to give someone else a chance, next May.

Somehow, I have to write something else tonight, if I am to stand up and talk at the second Glasgow Library Camp (“unconference”) at the Mitchell Library tomorrow.  And then I have to write an encyclopedia entry – wonder if the family will mind if I don’t do the weekend shopping …..


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