Nearly, Nearly AcWriMo! (Academic Writing Month)

I’ve signed up to Academic Writing Month.  I’ve probably seriously overestimated what I can get done, but I might as well try because, like it or not, I have committed to those three encyclopedia articles by the end of November, if nothing else!  Loud Librarian Shift Dress(Maybe I should also commit publicly to some sewing time as my reward every time I manage the AcWriMo target, too?!)

Further to my blogpost the other day, though, I can at least report that the first book review has been filed, and the newsletter article submitted.  So in that respect, I’ve cleared the decks for the bigger, more serious pieces of writing.  I might do a bit of spade-work tomorrow, to start myself off – and that means doing a spreadsheet of what preparation needs to be done for each assignment.


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