Final Lesson Preparations

The Plan is written, and similarly the Theoretical and Contextual Accounts.

Peer review took place, not only on this blog, but also in discussion with the research lecturer coordinating the session.  The lesson plan was approved, and it was agreed that I’d mention the session to my colleague, to see if there were specifically drama resources that he’d like to talk about on a future occasion.

To create context, an invitation was sent to all research students, suggesting that they prepare for the session by looking at some of the electronic resources available through the library.  Key resources were identified in the invitation.

The invitation itself was created using SCRAN, one of our e-resources.  Recent training by a SCRAN education officer had alerted me to the facility to produce posters, invitations and other documents using images from their database, so it seemed fitting to use it!

CLICK HERE to view invitation.

All that remains is to double-check the lesson-plan timings and ensure I have to hand anything that I need.  (Sample Lesson Plan Augmented document has a few more notes to guide myself.)

I’ll also produce a feedback form which I’ll request to be completed before attendees leave the session.  Useful feedback will be added on this blog’s Feedback page.


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